Daily Cleanser Advantages

Daily Cleansing Wash is a soap-free daily wash specifically developed to gently cleanse the skin of dirt and impurities, and relieve dryness, and hypersensitivity skin while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Formulated with Glycerin and Allantoin to help restore the skin comfort, retain essential moisture and support the healing process, leaving the skin feeling comfortable, balanced, and hydrated.
Perfect for all skin types but highly recommended for hypersensitive skin and sensitized/impaired skin.


• Texture: Milky-like (water-based)
• Skin issues: Dryness, irritation, inflammation, tightness, hypersensitivity, compromised skin barrier
• Time of application: Morning and night, as the first step of the skincare routine
• Skin types: All skin types including those with sensitive, dry and itchy skin.
• Main benefits: Gently cleanses, helps maintain skin’s natural moisture barrier and pH, hydrates, moisturizes, soothes itchiness, and heals inflamed skin.
• Free of: fragrance, parabens, phthalates, silicones, sulfates, mineral oil, and artificial colorants.

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